Unexpected kitesurfingday with new kite

Today I had one of the best kitesurfing days this summer, togheter with Jonathan. The forecast promised really light wind, so we were not expecting any good kitesurfing, but we still drove to Storsand just to check the spot out. When we arrived we saw the amazing view of 4-5 colorful kites in the air, so we pumped up the kites quickly and got an amazing afternoon and evening on the water. Light wind that picked up a little bit later, just perfect!

I was riding in my new Rip Curl 3/2 wetsuit, and with the new Airush Diamond kite, that I have tested a few times now. Soon I will write a review about the Diamond kite, but if you look closely on the pictures you will see that I like the kite, riding on a smile on my face almost constantly.. :)









Jonathan handlepass

Jonathan raley

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2 responses to “Unexpected kitesurfingday with new kite”

  1. Anja Fuchs says:

    Hey Lina, very nice pics! I like your blog :) I'm a kitesurfer too and I am always happy when I see such good kitesurfing girls that inspire me! In my blog sometimes I also write about kitesurfing … and equipment, cause I produce special neoprene-lined surf- and kitebeanies. If you wanna have a look at them, here is my blog: http://www.haubinger.com
    All the best from Austria, hang loose! Anja

  2. Hi! Thank you, I'm glad to hear that you like my blog! Always nice to meet girls in the sport :) I took a look at your website, did not understand the language but really cool pieces that you have made! Great idea! :)