September kitesurfing with new Airush Diamond board

September is here and the weather is getting colder and colder. In August we had really few kitesurfing days, beacause the weather was warmer and calmer than it usally is. I was waiting and waiting for the wind to arrive, but still no kitesurfing. But now the autumn storms start to arrive! The temperatures dropped från 20 to 3 degrees in a week and now we also have wind. I want the summer to come back, but at least we have wind now which is a great thing!

Kitesurfing Airush Diamond

A few days ago I tried the new Airush Diamond board for the very first time. I was so exited about it, because it had been standing there in the hall for so long already, waiting for the wind. But now I have tried it, and I am really happy. Tried it in Hanko Secret 2 days ago. The board has a nice rocker shape, which gives a really good pop. The pop was so much better compared to my old board (which was more of a freeride board), and the jumps went automatically higher! The landings were soft and smooth. I was riding the Diamond board in lightwind with the Razor 13 m2 and was having problems to stay upwind, but I guess the reason for that was the light wind and not the board. Will be fun to test it in stronger winds soon, though! But I can tell you I already love the board and think it’s has just the right amount of rocker and pop compared to the planning abilities. And I love the colors!

Kitesurfing Airush Diamond

Kitesurfing Hanko secret



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