Review: Airush Diamond girl kite 2015

As you already know I have been testing and riding with the brand new kite, Airush Diamond, this summer. Airush Diamond is a kite that is designed especially for girls. This is how Airush describes who the kite is meant for:

The Diamond Kite features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad level of users, from performance freestyle and wave riding while still being stable and user friendly enough for intermediate riders.

This is what the kite look like:

Airush Diamond 2015

Airush Diamond is a:

  • Female specific kite
  • 4 line kite
  • Hybrid c-kite

And what is my opinion of Airush Diamond?

For me and the Diamond bar it was love at first sight. I have never tested a bar before that is especially designed for girls, so I was really stoked with the fact that it was so small! I am short, have short arms and have always have troubles depowering the kite when riding. With the Diamond bar the depower was really easy, and everything I needed was right in front of me. The diamond bar is pure perfection for all girls!

When I was riding Diamond the biggest difference I realised was that my back did not hurt like it usally does. I didn’t feel the back pain at all, even though I was going upwind or was riding for a couple of hours, and I suppose this is because of the light bar pressure, but also because of the shorter bar throw. I did not have to move the bar far away in front of me, and the kite depowered (usally I have to bend like crazy forward with my short arms, resulting in bad posture). And never before have I tested a kite that goes upwinds so easy.

For me Airush Diamond was easy to relaunch and was stable in the air, but then I am of course comparing to Razor. The depower is also much better than the Razor. I guess that Diamond is pretty much like a Varial-X, if you don’t count the female specific features. When I went for my first unhooked backroll on the Diamond I accidentally did a double roll, because the kite had more pull somehow in the pop. The unhooked feeling is also really nice with the Diamond, but the only thing I missed was the slack in the lines that Razor has. This is also why I prefer Razor for unhooked tricks, but Diamond is the perfect kite for all agressive freestylers that don’t want the five-line Razor.

What I liked the most about Airush Diamond: 

  • Easy-to-reach depower
  • Short bar throw
  • Light bar pressure
  • Pull and speed
  • Big windrange
  • Great pop for jumping


diamond performance

The only thing I would possibly want to change is the chickenloop. On the Diamond kite the chickenloop is extra small to avoid unhooking mistakes, but I don’t think it’s necessary. How can you accidentally unhook if you are using the donkeydick? A bigger chickenloop would be appreciated for the girls that want to unhook and wouldn’t disturbe the one’s that want to stay hooked in either.

So after testing the Diamond kite this summer I really like this kite and it is a kite that I proudly recommend to all kitegirls out there wanting to push their limits and enjoy the riding without hassle! I liked it a lot and I guess that you would too!

Airush Diamond

Airush Diamond 2015

Airush Diamond girl kite

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