About me

Lina Björkskog, that is me. I work as an physioterapist/personal trainer in the the capital of Finland, Helsinki. I love kitesurfing and have been practising kitesurfing since my husband taught me this awesome sport in 2008. Here in Finland I mostly kitesurf in the area around Helsinki, and also up north in Ostrobothnia, where I love the beaches Lohtaja and Storsand. But unfortunately the weather and wind in Finland is not always so great, so that is why I travel as much I can. Windy and sunny beaches with a kite and my husband is the best.

Here on my blog i write about kitesurfing. I love to practice new freestyle-tricks when I am on the water, but I also remember to have fun! That is why we are doing this, right? Beacause it is the greatest sport on earth!

Some of you might also be familiar with my Swedish fitness blog linabjorkskog.com already.