Wakeboarding cable in Helsinki

I have heard about it so many times before, but nothing ever happened. But this time the rumours were true! A wakeboarding cable in Helsinki is finally here! I did not believe it until I saw the pictures on facebook, but the cable is already up and being tested at the moment! Yeey I love that! Now I can practice tricks even when there’s no wind! Wow this is so awesome -can’t wait to go testing!

Cable in Helsinki

I wanted to see the cable with my own eyes yesterday!

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3 responses to “Wakeboarding cable in Helsinki”

  1. Julio Gómez says:

    Hi there, I've just fund this post today 2014.04.28, I'm looking to do some wakeboarding this summer and would like to know if this is actually happening this summer 2014. Can you please provide som e further information? Highly appreciated. Julio

  2. Hi! I wrote this blog post last summer, 2013. But the wake cable in Helsinki is still up and running this summer so give it a try! You'll find it close to Hietalahti.