Summer wakeboarding video at Wakespot Helsinki

Last week Jonathan and Tony edited the video material from last summer at the wakespot here in Helsinki. As you guys know I visited the cable a few times this summer, especielly during the windfree days. I did not ride there as much as I had planned to, and I struggled a little bit with my kiteboard and the fins (it’s not a real kiteboard but a kiteboard), but riding in the new cable was really fun! I keep my fingers crossed that the cable stayes here in Helsinki next summer too!

So here’s a short edit from the summer at the wakespot. It’s Tony, Jonathan and me riding. If you don’t like wakeboarding you can watch it beacause of the nice crashes in the end – they look really funny!

Something pretty cool is that I go for a 360 on the kicker for the first time in my life as this was shooted. And i landed it! That explains my happy face pretty well!

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