Kitesurfing tricktips: frontroll crailgrab

Frontroll is on of my favorite tricks, beacause you can do it with some nice air, and also vary it in many different ways. Oldschool – but feels so great! In Denmark I practiced a frontroll with a new grab – crailgrab – which I think looks a little bit better than the regular tailgrab.

I am doing a regular frontroll by popping off the water at the same time the kite is going up in the air. When I am starting to jump, I reach forward to grab the front of the board, and in the same time I am bending my front knee. The longer ju keep the grab – the nicer, and the more inverted – the nicer. In this video my body is not so much inverted in the air, but you can train on that by throwing the board higher up in the jump, and it looks really great if the board is higher up than yourself. Start to steer down the kite before you land, and remember to keep the knees bent in the landing (not like my straight knees).

Try it yourself! The trick feels really great in the air!

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