A windy Hanko

Yesterday evening continued on the theme do what you love, and love what you do when we went for evening surf to Hanko. The sea was packed with wave-surfers in the strong wiind, and our friends came with us for doing some regular wave-surfing. The wind was a bit too strong with its 15-17m/s, so I could not practice any freestyle tricks, put we played in the waves and had a really fun time anyway.


Me and Bella before jumping into the sea


From Jonathans instagram. There were some wind!

surfing med kite

Tony catching waves by being towed in by Jonathan

I used my new nice board! The board is a SU-2 Prorider Woman 3D.

su-2 bräda

Su-2 is nice and really lightweight!

When the wind comes from the east in Hanko you need to walk to the other side of the beach for getting the best wind. So when we were ready yesterday we still had to walk back with bare feet, one kilometer in strong wind, loaded with all our stuff. It was really nice to put on some heat in the car after that.

Roxy skön hoodie

I did not need to freeze with Roxy’s icebear hoodie! It has to be the coziest thing ever made!

Yesterday was nice! Now I hope for more windy days. I want a day in Kallvik with winds from south-east, 8-9 m/s.. Please?

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