Backroll to blind

Finally I have landed the back to blind! Yeey! Last week I landed it in Tullari after a lot of crashes, and yesterday Jonathan shot it as I was riding on the nicest flatwater ever in Vedagrundet, Hanko. I still have to practise it a lot, cause I just land maybe 10-20 percent yet. Way to often I don’t get the handlepass right at the end. But here is one that I landed yesterday!

To learn back to blind I had to think about is as in two steps – first a backroll, and then a blind. Now after a lot of practise I always get the spin right, but the handlepass is the worst part. It feels somtimes that I am letting go of the bar without even trying, so I decided after an advice from Jonathan to imagine that I didn’t have any leasch, so I could not let go of the bar cause then the kite would fly away.. It actually worked and I landed it right away!

I will also make a kitesurfing video from the season a little bit later, Jonathan promised to do the editing! ;)

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2 responses to “Backroll to blind”

  1. Åhh! vad roligt! Än så länge har jag inte klarat "to blind" biten… bara backroll och frontroll! Några tips??

  2. lina says:

    Ja det är ett riktigt skönt trick :) Blind kräver lite övning innan det sitter, och det lönar sig att först testa på pop to blind och raley to blind så är det lättare att lära sig backroll to blind sedan! :)