Airush Kites 2014

Yesterday was the Airush Kite Launch day for year 2014 equipment, the same day all over the world. I have been riding my Razor 2014 already a few times, but yesterday I also saw the other Airush kites. The 2014 kites looks all really nice with fresh colours in red, blue and orange. In sepetember I got the chance to test all of the kites in Costa Brava, on Airush test days, but I thought I could write about them already now, so you guys now which kite works for who. Seven different kites: Razor, Lithium, VarialX, DNA, VXR, Wave and Lithium Zero. What is the difference with these Airush kites and what’s improved for the 2014 model?

Airush Razor 2014

Razor – Okey, you know it already. My favorite kite, C-shape. A perfect choice for anyone who likes freestyle and loves to unhook. Quick in the air, but really stable. The windrange is smaller on this kite, but still pulls pretty good for being a C-kite. The 2014 Razor has not changed from the 2013 model, except from the new fabric that is now more durable.

Airush Lithium 2014

Lithium – Lithium is the bow kite, perfect for you that wants a kite that is easy to handle. Easy to relaunch, pulls really good, great depower and a huge windrange. There’s never no wind with this kite! Perfect for the allrounder that wants to combine freeride with freestyle. The Lithium 2014 has a really nice design!

Airush DNA 2014

DNA – Exactly the same kite as the Lithium, but for a cheaper price. The lower price is caused by a simplier bag, no one-pump system and a simplier design. DNA is the perfect choice for beginners and for kiteschools.

Airush VarialX 2014

VarialX – A SLE kite with a tendency to a C-shape, which give us the perfect kombination of the Razor and the Lithium. VarialX is an allround-kite perfect for you that loves freestyle and does tricks in a combination of oldschool and newschool. The VarialX 2014 model is the one that changed the most of all the 2014 models – the VarialX has now just 3 struts and is more agressive, quick in the air and more close to the C-kite than ever before with a good unhooked feel, but still with better relaunch and depower.

Airush VXR 2014

VXR – VXR is the kite for going fast. This speed kite is the one to choose for extreme lightwinds and for getting first to the finish line. The 18 m2 kite has a 3-strut design, the other 4-strut design. The VXR 2014 (also called VXR v2) has redesigned wingtips, which now allows for increased aerodynamics with even wirflow.

Airush Wave 2014

Wave – The wave kite 2014 is better than ever before, in a combination with a shape close to the Razor with 3-strut design and SLE-settings. This kite is the ultimate for waveriding, but also providing great stability and forward speed for allround-kitesurfing. The kite is designed to draft in the wind and respond quickly – just perfect for waveriding. The wave also have a good unhooked feel – still with a good low end power and depower. Airush Wave has the same new durable Aramid Load Frame fabric as the Razor.

Airush Lithium Zero 2014

Lithium Zero – For boring days without wind there is now one solution: Lithium Zero. Lithium Zero is the ultimate light wind kite, designed with no struts at all for being as light as possible. Lithium is the perfect kite for anyone that wants to have most days possible on the water. Stable and quick in the air with a great low end power- that’s the Lithium Zero!

As you see the kites are all different and has their special areas – there’s one kite for everyone! Which one is your favorite?

PS. In Finland you find these kite from Rautio Sports, in other countries check from where you find the closest dealer! If you are intrested of the last years models, the 2013 kites are now on an extra sale at Rautio Sports – hurry hurry!

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